North Mafia

North Mafia

Things to do - general

Located at Bweni Village near the northern tip of Mafia is a lovely promontory called Ras Bweni. “Ras” stands for peninsula, and from here one has a fine view of the superb sunsets over the Rufiji Delta and the moon rising over the Indian Ocean.

North Mafia Island, BWENI

This part of Mafia is where the beautiful beaches have been formed. In contrast the Chole Bay side of Mafia is superb for diving and snorkelling.

The stunning feature of the location is the  beach stretching away in both directions, all yours….the sand is white and pure and one can always swim, despite tidal changes. And the complete isolation from any other tourist facility or commercial activity of any kind. Solitude, nature, complete relaxation.

Country Tanzania
Languages spokenSwahili
Currency usedTSH
Area (km2)764,000 square miles

Sports & nature

THE LIGHTHOUSE AT RAS MKUMBI 60s Old Germany Lighthouse at Bweni 300x225 Bweni Village and Ras Mkumbi North Mafia Island A visit to the lighthouse will allow you to see far to the south over the Mlola Forest, protected for its vegetation and wildlife, including Sykes monkeys. There are magnificent baobabs in the north of Mafia, especially at Ras Mkumbi (the northern tip of the island, just beyond Bweni village.Sports and nature image

Unfortunately there are no hotels at this location at the moment.

Lua Cheia

Bweni, Mafia Island
Lua Cheia Beach Camp is located on Mafia Island off the coast of Tanzania. This simple tented camp i More info
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Chole Ruins

North Mafia
The oldest, still inhabited settlement in the archipelago. The island is covered by extremely varied More info
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